Hello Culture Enthusiasts,


Welcome to Cultures Communicate first blog post! We are very happy to have you with us.

This blog will take you on quite the journey around the world and more importantly within yourself. You may think, is this yet, another travel blog?

The answer is NO.

Although as avid travelers, it’s almost impossible to do anything without the influence of the great gift of traveling. But this blog is an introduction to and elaboration on:

  • cultures that you may or may not have heard of; or
  • people’s ideas that are buried under the immeasurable internet and social media realm; or
  • perceptions and perspectives that will hopefully open your mind, help you question, and most of all allow you to look at the world and its inhabitants in a more positive way.

This blog will embolden you to embrace differences, more precisely cultural differences. We will of course make a case for why and how it’s an asset, as well as offer solutions to address the challenges that come with multi-cultural understanding, in addition to real life applications.

Some posts will delve into ideas about the challenges, beauty and rewards of traveling, translation, cultural competency and language learning, which will go along with our Podcast Beyond the Words; others will introduce profiles of artists, thinkers, young people fostering amazing change around the world.

As we move forward, subjects may change but our objective will remain the same, teach and promote multiculturalism and multilingualism, learn to eliminate the challenges as we enjoy the fruits they bear.

You don’t need to love cultures and languages to enjoy and benefit from these posts, however, you do need to have a little time to read, an open mind, and/or curiosity about the world we live in.

Embark on this journey with us, as we learn and apply the positives, unlearn and actively work to limit the spread of the negatives.


Now, take a deep breath and feel the positive energies around you. Exhale!


Till next time.


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