Our team of native speakers is here to help you bridge the diversity gap in clinical research without exhausting your budget.


  1. Collect the most accurate data
  2. Promote diversity in clinical research through enrollment and adherence of more multilingual subjects
  3. No longer miss subjects’ follow-up appointments, especially non-English speakers, and stretch limited budget
  4. Include a more diverse sample for outcomes to represent surrounding communities
  5. Remove language as main obstacle preventing  research from being as diverse as possible
  6. Build on efforts to translate research instruments; promote cultural awareness


  1. Services that are more personable, better customized, and attentive to the extra details that make a difference in overall outcome
  2. Relevant, accurate, and customized medical and research translations
  3. Rigorous trainings following US HIPAA guidelines, NIH and EU Guiding Principles for Ethical Research
  4. Strict security guidelines to handle all sensitive information with utmost care
  5. Extensive cultural competency training
  6. Build lasting rapport, promote adherence to study and collect data remotely in the subjects’ native languages, via secure servers
  7. The best adapted translations and the most accurate data collection


  1. Collect the most accurate data
  2. Increased Cultural IQ
  3. Increase participation, adherence to the study through applied cultural and linguistic understanding
  4. Bridge the diversity gap in clinical research without exhausting budget
  5. Awareness, consideration, and inclusion of multinational, multicultural, multilingual nuances, differences and their effects on clinical research outcomes
  6. Outcomes and results reflect World’s demography



  1. Cultures Communicate ensures a highly secure chain of custody through which all information and files are protected and available only to those with approved access rights.
  2. We comply with all privacy laws and regulations regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of sensitive information in addition to:
  • An encrypted cloud-based storage within a highly secure server
  • Double Authentication Factor in all user accounts
  • secure and encrypted email exchange for confidential and/or highly sensitive documents
  • One host software for all project management to guarantee that all information are used only for the purposes required to fulfill intended obligations, and not be used or disclosed for any other purpose

Security is enhanced by use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) coupled with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), through ONE Server.


  • All data and traffic are encrypted and securely routed through one server
  • Robust email spam filter at the server level to reduce risk of compromising sensitive data
  • Sensitive, outgoing emails are encrypted, and password protected


  • Only authorized collaborators are granted viewing or editing rights
  • Everyone is required to install Internet security software & antivirus
  • All collaborators receive extensive training on data security