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Our Story

This company is born out of the idea that we must do our part to learn from one another and increase our cultural IQ. Due to globalization, diversity is inevitable. And above all, diversity is a great asset that benefits all of us. To assist, we intend to promote marginalized languages and encourage representation in academic and research discourse both locally and globally.

We are a group of professional linguists from all over the world who dedicate our time and passion for languages to help connect you and the services you offer to other parts of the world that would otherwise be unreachable. See our Services tab for more information.

We decide to also delve into community development because we believe it is the best way to give back to communities that we are learning from and interacting with as we seek to be more culturally and linguistically competent. See our Global Outreach tab for more information.

Our Podcast is inspired by many years of ‘translating while traveling’, and it’s a way to provide a unique additional resource to help increase our cultural IQ as well as connect to the world. See our Podcast: Beyond The Words for more information.

The Team At Your Service

We are a tight-knit team bringing you the best culturally competent language services to suit your linguistic needs.

We also have native Creolists offering French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese-based Creole services, in addition to other dialects and patois, helping you reach patrons from/in the most remote corners of the world.

Our founder spearheads a cultural competence track that guarantees improve cultural IQ through fun and interactive learning activities.


Safira Amazan


Safira earned a Master’s degree in Legal Translation from NYU, in addition to studies in international law.
She also brings more than a decade of experience as a professional translator and Creolist, working primarily with legal and medical texts, including patents and life sciences, plus sound experience in clinical research at various institutions.
She is an avid advocate for women’s rights supporting the fight to end domestic violence and rape; a Certified Medical Interpreter, TESOL/TEFL Instructor, and Culture Coach promoting Creoles and other marginalized languages.