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Virtual or in-person class with native/expert professional conversationalists


culturally-informed, customized grammar, reading, writing practices

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Cultural Competency


Enhance cross-cultural skills and ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact in multicultural spaces

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Clinical Data


Are you an institution that does clinical research?

Do you find that your subjects are missing their follow-up appointments..

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 Legal,  Medical, General

Standard, Professional,  Expert

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How We Work

Cultures Communicate ensures a highly secure chain of custody through which all information and files are protected and available only to those with approved access rights

We comply with all privacy laws and regulations regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, and additional protection through:

  • An encrypted cloud-based storage within a highly secure server
  • Double Authentication Factor in all user accounts
  • A secure and encrypted email exchange for confidential and/or highly sensitive documents
  • One host software for all project management to guarantee that all information are used only for the purposes required to fulfill intended obligations, and not be used or disclosed for any other purpose

Security is enhanced by use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) coupled with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), through one Server

  • All data and traffic are encrypted and securely routed through one server
  • Robust email spam filter at the server level to reduce risk of compromising sensitive data
  • Sensitive, outgoing emails are encrypted, and password protected


  • Only authorized collaborators are granted viewing or editing rights
  • Everyone is required to install Internet security software & antivirus
  • All collaborators receive extensive training on data security

Cultures Communicate maintains a Comprehensive Workflow Process Centered around Confidentiality, Security and Quality

  1. Dedicated Project Managers (PM) carefully select the most suitable linguists for the project based on their: specializations, availability, background, and expertise
  2. All PMs and Linguists both understand and comply with our Quality Policy and Standards for each project
  3. PMs and Linguists work in close collaboration to ensure all resources and materials are available in a timely manner
  4. PMs ensure that document management and sharing comply with our Confidentiality and Security Policy
  5. All collaborators are bound by our Confidentiality Agreement

Cultures Communicate, LLC strives to provide superior language services in a prompt manner, and assist our clients, language learners, and collaborators without compromising quality and customer service

To help our clients achieve their objectives and ensure their 100% satisfaction, we will:
  • Provide top quality solutions at a competitive price
  • Commit to continual innovation and improvement of our internal process and services
  • Proudly adhere to ISO requirements for excellence

It is essential that we meet or exceed our clients and collaborators’ expectations and all other applicable requirements for our industry. To do so, we maintain a quality management system that will be continually and consistently improved by:

  1. Working to achieve measurable quality objectives that we set and review them periodically
  2. Monitoring and Evaluating effectiveness of key processes and adjusting as needed
  3. Providing necessary resources so our collaborators can effectively perform their obligations
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Why Collaborate With Us

We Deploy Our Strategies Unbelievably Fast

Highest quality customized services with open communication
On-time delivery + Post-delivery assistance

Experienced and Seasoned Linguists

Industry experts working in close collaboration
Strong determination to succeed as your trusted language provider

Great Customer Support

Support in rush hours
Quick reply (within 30 mins)
Free consultancy + small revision

All Due Diligence to Work with Amazing Clients

Discounts for large projects
Options that suit your budget

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