An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Center your Language Learning Around Cultural Immersion and CQ Training

General Info

  • Courses are personalized and specifically designed for you
  • Start your language exchange journey with: Learning Style & Proficiency Level + Intro to Culture Reading
  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR): Beginner (I & II), Intermediate (I & II), Advanced (I &II)
  • Want to learn languages in ways that best fit you, please fill out our Apply for a Language or Culture Form or send an email to
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African Languages, Dialects & Cultures

Cultures Communicate Approved Curricula

Other Proven Methods

French Language & Cultures

Education First
French Academy
Other proven methods

Creoles, Patois Language & Cultures

Cultures Communicate Curriculum
Other proven methods

English Language & Cultures

ESL Library
British Council
Other proven methods

Language Learning for Professional Settings

Using the regular format as baseline, we make allowances for your profession, proficiency, and personal objectives

Spanish Language & Cultures

Core Curriculum TBA
Other proven methods

Emphasis on Speaking Skills

Cultural Competency Sessions at all Levels

Learning Style Quizzes in your Native Language

Option One

Professional Language Exchange

Key areas covered in all courses customized for our Professional Language Learners include:

  • Spoken fluency

  • Listening & Reading skills

  • Pronunciation and accent

  • Telephone & Email skills in the second language

  • Sector-specific terminology

  • Conversations in real time

  • Corresponding course on cultural competency

Option Two

Regular Language Exhange

Course Prep

  • Quiz 1: Find out your preferred learning style.
  • Quiz 2: Find out your proficiency level.
  • Read a book about a country where they speak the language


  • Remote or in-person conversations
  • Topics agreed and researched ahead of session
  • Be prepared to actively converse

General Info

  • Cultural Competency Sessions at all Levels
  • Learning Style Quizzes may be available in your Native Language
Option Three

Conversation Exchange

Exclusive 1-on-1:

  • Remote or in-person conversations
  • Specific and targeted topics of interest
  • Active conversation and cultural exchange

Listening skills

Pronunciation and accent

Sector-specific terminology practice