Covers lodging, food, transportation
Supports extracurricular activities
Funds labs for student-led science experiments
Build New/Support Existing Libraries
Community Literacy Projects
Supports local art programs


  • HT Culture, Art, Music & History
    Intro to Haitian art and music
    Learn origin & play local instruments
    Visit historical sites
    Learn oral history from locals
  • Volunteer Vocational Training
    (June to August)
    Mentor young men & women
    Promote hands-on careers
    Prepare & provide materials needed for a successful session
  • Help Build Local Libraries
    (Year Around)
    Raise funds
    Prepare targeted projects
    Implement them in partnership with local communities
  • Volunteer STEM Tutor
    (June to August)
    Work with/mentor students in STEM
    Prepare & provide materials needed for a successful session
  • Care for Children & Elderly
    (Year Around)
    Work with orphanages, nursing homes, and youth centers
    Care for sick, handicapped babies, children and elderly


Experience Haitian Culture Through Music, Art & History

Enjoy increased cultural competency

Give back

Savor the short-term and long-term impact of your work

Growth and Self-Awareness